Sexual Misconduct By Doctors

How To Report Sexual Misconduct

If you have been sexually abused by a doctor, don't delay reporting the sexual abuse no matter how difficult it is. Remember that you could help prevent the doctor from abusing more patients if you report the sexual abuse. It is recommended that you report the sexual abuse as soon as possible. Document all of the details of the abuse on paper as soon as possible so you won't forget the details. You should definitely file a complaint with the State Medical Board.

If you prefer to not report to the police at first, you should contact the administrator at the hospital or doctor's office where the sexual abuse happened.

Some Ways To Report Sexual Misconduct:

1.) Report the abuse to the local police

2.) Contact the administrator/medical director at the medical facility that the abuse happened at. Many major hospitals have complaint forms that you can fill out.

3.) File a complaint with your state medical board.

4.) Consider consulting with a law firm if you desire to sue and receive monetary compensation for the pain you went through. It is best that you try to select a law firm that has experience with sexual misconduct by physicians.


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