Sexual Misconduct By Doctors

This web site is a service of Medical Patient Modesty. The primary purpose of Medical Patient Modesty is to help medical professionals to be more sensitive to the importance of patient modesty in medical settings and help patients and their spouses who wish to have same gender care for certain procedures and/or surgeries get their wishes. Some people who have concerns about patient modesty have also been sexually abused by at least one medical professional and they desire to find more resources on sexual misconduct by doctors. Because of the feedback that we received from people that we should also address sexual misconduct by doctors, Medical Patient Modesty decided to develop a web site about sexual misconduct by doctors. There are also some people who are interested in getting tips on how they might be able to prevent sexual misconduct by physicians from happening. Check out important information you should know.

The purpose of this informational web site is to help victims to know what they should do if they have been sexually abused and how they can report sexual misconduct. It is very time consuming to do research on the Internet about what you should do when you have been sexually abused by a doctor. There is a web page with links to complaint forms on different state medical boards' web sites.

Another goal of this educational web site is to give people some tips on how they can prevent sexual misconduct. It is our hope that parents can use the tips for parents to prevent their children from being sexually abused by doctors. Because a former pediatrician in Delaware has been accused of sexually abusing over 100 patients according to the news, we need to work to prevent children from being sexually abused by doctors in the future. The horrible case in Delaware has proven that we cannot always trust pediatricians to not hurt children. Parents tend to trust doctors too much and they need to take precautions to protect their children. Most pediatricians are good doctors who truly care about children and would never sexually abuse children. A good pediatrician would allow a parent to stay in the examining room with the child and him.

Many doctors who have been disciplined for sexual misconduct continue to practice medicine. The state medical board doesn't go far enough to protect patients sometimes. Check out an article by Chicago Tribune about how doctor sex misconduct cases are monitored in secrecy. This is not right. The public deserves to know about sexual misconduct cases by doctors to protect themselves.

Latest Doctors Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Dr. James Heaps, OB/GYN  (Los Angeles, CA)

Dr. Jackie Maxey, Family Practice / General   (London, KY)

Dr. Paul Becton Jr. , OB/GYN  (Paragould, AR)

Dr. Nikita Levy, OB/GYN  (Baltimore, MD)

Dr. Eric Buffong, OB/GYN  (Columbus, GA)

Dr. John Patrick Schilling, OB/GYN  (Stockbridge, GA)

Dr. Walter Ray Wolfe, OB/GYN  (Jackson, MS)

Dr. Gregory Norwood, OB/GYN  (Southaven, MS)

Dr. Jimmi Rios-Perez, OB/GYN  (McAllen, TX)

Dr. Javaid Perwaiz, OB/GYN  (Chesapeake, VA)



** We are distributing stapled 12-page booklets to women about how they can protect themselves in medical settings and we are seeking volunteeers to help with distributing those booklets. We also need some financial support to pay for more booklets. You can see what the front cover of the booklet looks like by downloading this link. If you would like to volunteer to distribute booklets or support us financially, please

*Please join in our fundraiser on GoFundMe to distribute booklets to women. It is our goal to raise enough money for 100,000 booklets before the end of this year so we can distribute at least 100,000 booklets to women. *

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